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What I've been up to...

Hey, folks! If you're curious as to what I've got coming out next, here's a teaser! 

I'm super excited to announce that the next book I have coming out will be a solo YA (stand alone) I have coming THIS FALL and wanted to share a few things about it. I can't tell you how fantastic it feels to be writing YA again, it's what I started out writing and publishing, and it feels great returning.

 Release date is still TBD (likely mid October), but the cover will be coming soon, 
along with the pre-order!

First things first, here's the title and tagline!

And if you're into playlists, this book has a pretty fun one.

Where You Lay- Bobby Long
Badfish- Sublime
We Are Young- FUN.
Story of My Life- Social Distortion
Invincible- No Use for a Name
Ruby Soho- Rancid
Come on Eileen- Save Ferris
Zoot Suit Riot – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
Help You Mend- Bobby Long
F*uck The World- The Queers
Good Day- Ron Pope
Interstate Love Song- Stone Temple Pilots

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

LEFT TO LIE teaser!

My partner-in-crime, Liz Reinhardt is enjoying a well deserved vacay, so that means I can share teasers from our YA Horror, LEFT TO LIE and she's not around to stop me! :) (Release date on this one is TBD.) This project has been in the works for about two years, and we've kept details pretty close, but we're looking forward to sharing more and introducing you to Nathan and Julie soooon! :) 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Golden Hour makeover!

Liz and I gave our New Orleans set, contemporary romance GOLDEN HOUR a little makeover!

“Beautiful, sexy, and romantic. Golden Hour made me want to be best friends with Elise, fall madly in love with Caleb and brought the Louisiana setting to life before my eyes.”—NYRAE DAWN, International Bestseller of the Games Series 

“A captivating story that is raw, powerful, gritty, and topped off with a fiery love that stems from, and heals, different forms of loss.”– MOLLY MCADAMS, New York Times bestselling author 

In the medical field, the precious moments following a traumatic event in which you have the best chance of saving a life are known as the golden hour. 
But being there during the golden hour doesn't mean you'll be able to save the one you love...
New Orleans native and ER nurse, Elise Dupuis knows that fact all too well. There was nothing she could do to save her fiancĂ©, New Orleans police officer Mike Bazanac, when he was brought into her hospital with two fatal bullet wounds. 
Now everyone walks around on eggshells when she comes into the room—except her brother Charlie. As Mike's partner, he bears a guilt that's spiraled him into dark pain. Charlie is lashing out, Elise is turning in, and life seems to be falling apart around them. 
Caleb Warren knows what it feels like to always be on the losing end of things. A few criminal turns in his youth landed him two crap choices: mandatory service in the armed forces or jail. He chooses to enlist, and just when he finds a commander who has a little faith in him, their truck hits an IED. Caleb's training as a medic isn't enough to save the one person who's ever given a damn about him. 
Now back in New Orleans as an EMT, Caleb is bound and determined to drown himself in booze and regrets. But he crosses paths with nurse Elise Dupuis and finds a woman whose passion and courage gets under his skin in a way that wakes him up and makes him want to live again. 
Unfortunately, Charlie doesn't think the new EMT is good enough for his sister, and he’ll step outside the lines of the law to prove it to Elise. 
Caleb has to figure out what's worth fighting for…and how far he's willing to go for the woman he loves.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The (brutally honest) third year...

It's that time again! For those that have followed my publishing journey, you know that I've done one of these 'year in review' posts on the anniversary of the first book that I indie pubbed, (Grounding Quinn, June 12, 2011) each year.

(For those that want to catch up on what I learned each of those years, here's the previous posts: The first year,   the second year.) 

So, the third year will probably go down as the first year that I questioned my decision to indie pub.

When I originally self published, I had good friends cry. No, seriously. They gave me wide, earnest eyes, and felt very sorry for me that I "was ruining my career before it even started." I thought they were dramatic, and I pushed on, found my little slice of success and kept writing, not looking back. This past year though, has been the a year of reflection. A year of "what-if's" and second guessing myself. I can tell you that in general, and especially creatively, that's not a fantastic place to be.  (More on this in a bit.)

One thing that's happened this year is my outlook on reviews has changed. While I understand that (especially in this very saturated market) reviews are necessary and for the most part, bloggers are out there doing this fantastic service, there is another side to it. There is this constant noise. Opinions. On. Everything. The kind of noise that is so deafening that you just want to turn it all off and walk away. On both sides, positive and negative. I've gotten to the point where if my husband and I are going out to eat, I may look up the restaurant info, but I avoid all reviews completely because I've seen how completely biased they can be. I don't want to know. I want to form my own opinion. I've learned this year that some reviews are bought. Some are put out there by others in the book community as a form of sabotage. Some are clearly just a showcase for the reviewers own back patting of their own wit and humor rather than an actual review. Sometimes it all feels like an endless, loud, popularity contest. It's just TOO.MUCH.NOISE. You know that fantastic graduation speech that Jon Lovett did a couple of years ago in which he said, "I believe we've reached peak bullshit"? Well, if we aren't there, I think we're pretty damn close. (So we're clear, and before I get a bunch of hate mail to add to the stack from people that are pissed off about the ending of My Fate for Yours, I'm not saying this about all reviewers--just my feelings on the state of insta-feedback on everything in general.)

Back to the topic of regret.

We all know that the market is glutted, and there are more people writing and publishing than ever in the history of life. And in some ways, that's sucky because, dude, standing out in this crowd is HARD. But in others, it's really rad, because BOOKS! And people are reading BOOKS! More books are never bad, right? (Okay, that's wrong, *some* books are really bad. I would link some of the choice titles my pal Rebecca Shea texts me, but I try to keep it semi-clean here, and no one wants to see XXX were-koalas here.)

So in this market, there are indies selling widely and hitting lists and being scooped up by traditional publishers. That's all fantastic. But (and this leads me to the part about regretting my choice to self publish for the first time) there's also this other group of indies that have maybe outsold a solid portion of traditionally published authors, but because we haven't hit the NYT list, we encounter publishing people that love our work, but won't take a chance on us.

And maybe it's the particular books I've written. Or my writing in general. Or maybe, it's just this weird Catch 22 that myself (and other indies I've talked to) have fallen into. Where you've sold hundreds of thousands of copies of your books, but you haven't hit the Times list, therefore, you're considered a bigger risk than say, a debut author with a clean slate. So regret starts tugging on you. Did I make the wrong choice?

I've spent a lot of time talking circles around this topic. Trying to make sense of it, or find my way out of this continuous loop I've found myself in. The short answer, I guess is that while discouraged, if I had it to do over again, I  don't think done things differently. I believed in Grounding Quinn and Delicate (the first two books I self published) and I still do. I believe in all of my books and the love the characters that I've created. My pal, Nyrae Dawn wrote this blog post on feeling discouraged that's worth a read. Here's my fav bit:

And I was shaking my head 'yes' as I read because I DON'T want to be that girl. I've started repeating this mantra to myself:

The last couple of months have been focused on getting back to writing only for myself. (Nova Ren Suma wrote this post about writing for yourself again that's beautiful, by the way.) I've started working on two YA's that I've put off for too long. I'm focusing on not only writing, but reading the types of books that I love and that mean something to me, make me think, and remember what I love so much about books. I'm left feeling inspired, instead of dragged down by the noise out there.

So, this has been my third year.

I've put out some books I love so, so much. I've connected with readers, authors and bloggers that have come to mean so much. And while there is so much frustration and insincerity out there right now that it's hard to look at the world, and more specifically, at our little publishing bubble without a hefty dose of cynicism, I'm trying.

These people help :)

Cheers to another year, folks.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Silver Strand gets a makeover

Liz and I have been toying with the idea of giving the crew from Silver Strand a new look, but weren't sure which direction we should go. Good think Allie Brennan is a genius and took on the challenge like a boss! Check out the new covers below!! 
We're so thrilled with them!! 

*The new covers have been uploaded to all ebook sites 
and should be reflected SOON! 

**These covers WILL be available in paperback 
(because, hello, perfect beach read!) shortly!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy release day to the boys from RUSH *and* a giveaway!

Nyrae Dawn is not only one of my favorite writers, but also people in general. She is kind, generous with her time and advice and best of all, AUTHENTIC.  She is fiercely passionate about her family, friends, writing and the causes that she supports. I think that shows so much in her writing.

" is love. It’s okay to love who you do, and it’s okay to be the person you are." -- Nyrae Dawn

Today, I am so, so proud of her on the release day of her latest book, RUSH.

Not familiar? 

Here's the cover and blurb:

This new adult, male/male romance will capture the audience who fell in love with Nyrae Dawn's Games Trilogy.

For the love of the game.
Brandon Chase has always defined himself by one thing: football. Tough and athletic, he is a great college player who enjoys the hard hits and the sweaty grind of the gridiron. But when Brandon is injured, only one person can help him get back on track-a forbidden love he's desperately tried to put behind him. 
Alec Andrews has never quite forgiven Brandon for walking away when their friendship turned into something more. But he can't deny help to one of his closest friends. As the two spend the long, hot summer working together, their old attraction comes flooding back.
Now as Alec thinks about coming out to his conservative family and Brandon considers revealing he's a gay football player, the two men must be strong to fight for a love that could be the greatest rush of their lives. 
"Devastatingly relevant, engaging, sexy, and ultimately heroic. Rush is the kind of book that will keep you reading late into the night." -J.H. Trumble, author of Don't Let Me Go

I asked Nyrae to stop by and answer a few questions about the book and what she hopes readers will take away from it:

1) Was there any particular spark of inspiration that made you want to write Brandon & Alec's story? A picture, a song? Not in the respect. In some ways the boys themselves inspired me. When their story unraveled in my head, I knew I had to tell it. I wanted to share a love story, which is what this is to me. I think love stories and romances are different things. Though I love romance, this to me is more of a love story, because all they really want is to love each other, and to be okay with who they are. And honestly, the struggle the LGBT community fights every day inspired me as well.
2) What is your absolute favorite line from the book? Why? This is such a hard one for me because I have a few. One of my very favorites is:
 I slide my hand down to the back of his neck, fisting it there, and wonder what the fuck is so wrong with feeling like this. With holding him like this and having someone who knows you in ways you’re too afraid to admit to yourself.

I think those lines sum up a lot of the book. What’s wrong with loving who you love? With having someone who gives you what you need?
3) What makes RUSH different from your other books? (This doesn't have to be the obvious answer that it's M/M..or it can be!) I accidentally answered part of this in the first question but like I said, I feel this is more a love story than a romance. There’s never a question of whether or not they love each other. I feel like this book is more…real and raw in a way I’ve not written before. It’s not a book where crazy things will happen for the sake of shock value. It’s just a very honest, real story. It’s about being willing to show the world what’s inside you. About being okay with who that person is. Alec and Brandon are stripped bare in a way I haven’t written before.
4) What do you MOST hope readers take away from this story? That love is love. It’s okay to love who you do, and it’s okay to be the person you are. I hope readers feel this story on a different level. I want readers to see the struggle that so many people live with on a daily basis.
5) You are a huge supporter of LGBT works and rights. Why is that such an important cause to you? I don’t think anyone should have to feel ashamed or scared to love someone. Not only that but afraid to be honest about who they are. We have kids committing suicide, and people feeling locked inside themselves, every day of their lives, for what? I just don’t understand it. I’ve always considered myself a champion of love and this is an important fight, because we all should be able to love equally. It’s a basic, human right.
6) What's up next for you? 
I just finished a YA that I’m in LOVE with. It’s a fun, quirky story but also filled with a lot of heart. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share news with you on that soon!

Thanks so much to Nyrae for stopping by! To help celebrate, we have a giveaway for some RUSH swag including stickers and Brandon's football card! 

Enter below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

on going home

If you've followed this blog for a while, you know that one thing I am is honest.
I've been honest about my querying journey.
I've been honest about my choice to self-publish.
I've been honest about my early sales figures. My thoughts on things like piracy and books in general. 
My ups and downs personally, and my experiences the first year being indie published and then, hybrid pubbed.
I've talked about the cyclic nature of success, and my thoughts on indie publishing and offered advice where I could.

There are some things that have been weighing on me and I've wanted to talk about them in this forum, but I haven't been quite sure how to word what I want to say without sounding like a jerk. I didn't want to put up a post that diminished any of my successes or made me sounds like a cry ass for wanting more. 

I wanted to hold onto the honesty and bluntness that is me. Unsure how to reconcile all of that, I just bit my tongue. But I was talking with a friend the other day about this post and she said, "You know, I promise you're not the only one thinking it or going through it. Just do it."

So, here's me and where I'm at.

The last year of writing and publishing has been incredibly stressful. Even though I knew how cyclic publishing's successes and failures could be, I didn't fully prepare myself for the truth that it didn't matter how much I loved my books, or how much of myself I put into them, that some of them might not do as well as others had. I didn't for a moment consider that even though I'd sold hundreds of thousands of ebooks, that because I'd never made a best sellers list, that manuscripts would go unsold to publishing houses because they could buy an existing book from another author that HAD listed--and I didn't prepare myself for how much of a failure I would feel like after that. Sure I'd failed at things before, but I'd never FELT like I was a failure. 

I didn't prepare myself for the fact that when the market started to become more and more saturated, that my quiet books couldn't really compete with abs and book boyfriends and all of the noise in the indie book world right now. There's absolutely nothing wrong with those types of novels, I just don't happen to write them. And that's okay. I found myself stuck between the two worlds of publishing, and it almost felt like both doors were closing at times. And I had a hard time accepting that it wasn't necessarily something I had done wrong. That it didn't mean that my books were failures. That it didn't make ME a failure.  

While part of me sometimes feels like, 'go home publishing, you're drunk!'  I watched this TedTalk yesterday with Elizabeth Gilbert, and it dawned on me:  *I* am the one who needs to go home. I've spent too much time comparing, and focused on my success or failures based on numbers or reviews, and have strayed from the most important factor of writing: characters and their stories. When I started writing eight or so years ago, I didn't think about or care if anyone ever read those manuscripts. I wrote because I had to. Because it was a part of me. But I let the feelings of failure of the past year override the amazing feelings that come with creating something that you love--something that keeps you up all night, overwhelmed by inspiration.

(in case that doesn't work, HERE's the link.)

"Returning to the work of writing because writing was my home.Because I loved writing more than I hated failing at writing.Which is to say that I loved writing more than my own ego.Which is ultimately to say that I loved writing more than I loved myself." 

I love writing. It's part of who I am. And I know that even if I never sold another book, I'd still write. Always.
I am very grateful for the successes that I've had. 
I'm so thankful for all of the lessons I've learned.
I'm proud of every one of the books I've published in the last three (side note: Gah! Can you believe Grounding Quinn was released June, 2011?!) years. 
I have a manuscript in the works that is very back to my roots YA. I can't stop thinking about all day until I get a chance to sit down and work on it, and that time now feels like a gift again.
And I am so, so ready to go home. 

It'll be quite on these fronts for a while, but I'll see you soon. :) 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Golden Hour promo week!

If you haven't yet met Caleb and Elise in GOLDEN HOUR, now is the perfect time! We've dropped the price to $0.99 as part of our special promotion running April 20-May 3. Be sure to check out the following blogs for excerpts, beautiful teasers (made by Wordsmith Publicity), interviews (with both Liz and I--and Caleb and Elise) and insights into the book! There's also going to be a giveaway, so be sure to stop by, it's going to be a lot of fun! :) 

Huge thanks to all of the blogs participating, and to Autumn at Wordsmith Publicity, 
who I can't recommend highly enough!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A MASSIVE Silver Strand Sale!

Liz and I had a really great opportunity to chat with a group of NA readers recently while doing research for a new project. During that time, we were lucky enough to pick their brains about what they'd really like to see/what was missing in NA.

We heard many of the same responses from each of them:

1) NA stories that felt realistic--easy on the melodrama;
2) Books with more diverse characters;
3) Family worked into NA books--the readers we talked to mentioned how involved their own families were in their lives during their college years;
4) Stories of friendship;
5) Stronger female leads

And Liz and I both sat there like this


(That doesn't translate well in written form, but that my friends, is silence)

Why silence?

Because we'd already written books that checked those boxes on their wish lists. 

Our Silver Strand/Lengths Series (Lengths, Depths, Limits, Ties, Riptides & Drift) are centered around a group of close friends--they not only feature female friendships but some pretty amazing, hilarious bromances as well. Each book has a solid family theme, with real blood family relationships and the friendships that prove family exists outside of bloodlines. We tried to make the characters in the series ethnically and religiously diverse. Our female characters don't need saving--though a pair of strong shoulders to rest a head is always welcome. And more than anything, we really tried to make these stories and these characters real--people you could really meet. 

And we got to thinking. We wanted to make it easy for the readers that were looking for those things in NA to find some of them... 

So we made it WAY easy. And bundled all 6 books (5 full length novels, and 1 50,000 word novella)

AND priced it SUPER cheap (see: almost free) for a very limited time. 

Take a look...

You can find it on Amazon now...kobo, B&N and iBooks should be up soon! :) 
(and please spread the word if you have read and enjoyed the series! :) 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Friend is a Four Letter Word cover, teasers, EXCITEMENT!

Friend is a Four Letter Word is (finally) going to be released January 15, 2014! There were a few delays in getting this one out. Mainly scheduling conflicts--Liz and I worked hard to complete the Lengths series in 2013 and other projects that we aren't yet divulging. ;) There was also the matter of the cover, in that, I combed stock photo sites for months and months and found nothing that felt like Shayna and Carter to me. 

My friend Allie solved all of my cover woes by connecting me with photographer Lindee Robinson, who immediately understood the concept and the characters and found perfect models and within a couple of weeks had gorgeous proofs for me to choose from. She and her design partner, Danielle Styles put together the gorgeous cover for Friend is a Four Letter Word and were such a dream to work with. 

I'm so in love with this cover, and so excited to share this book with you that I can't help but share these teasers, together with the cover and blurb.

Huge thanks to Lindee, Danielle and cover models Madison and Chad for making this project come together with such ease!!

To check out more of Lindee's work you can find her on Facebook HERE

Sooo...Here is the cover!

And the blurb:

Shayna Gillan is on a mission: start fresh in a new state without the small town gossip that has haunted her since her bad girl days of high school. 
Carter MacPherson has long been the most together member of his crazy family--until now, and with a secret threatening to crumble everything he's worked for, he wishes he could forget the recent past, too.
The last thing Shayna and Carter are looking for is a relationship. It's best to be alone while they sort out their issues.
Friends. That's all they can ever be.
But even the best laid plans always have a flaw, and once Shayna and Carter cross the line between friendship and more, there's no turning back...
The only question left is--whose past will catch up to them first?

And some teasers. Because THE PRETTY! 

"Shayna’s nails rake gently over my chest in a way that should be soothing. I should be able to fall asleep to the rhythm of her soft breaths, but all I can think is, ‘tell her.’ 
Each rasp of her nail on my skin is another slice in my resolve though.
This homesick feeling—the feeling of searching for something that maybe doesn’t even exist—the feeling that has gnawed at me for as long as I can remember is gone when I’m with her. Being with Shayna is like a bandage for my damn soul. But she’s spent the last year getting her life back together, so when I tell her what’s really going on with me, she’s going to leave."

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On the gift of perspective

There are lots of "favorite things," and "best of" lists floating around the last couple of weeks, 
so I won't add another to the mix. 
People tend to feel reflective at this time of year: What they accomplished, what they fell short on. 
And I know a lot of writers (or creative people in general) tend to focus on the latter.

Instead of doing that, I want to tell you what I'm most thankful for this year:


I thought I'd sort of lost it this year, but I'm happy that it's back. 

Perspective is one of those quiet gifts--sometimes it's harsh and sometimes it's beautiful,
 but make no mistake, it's a gift in either form. 

Most of you know that our youngest daughter, Britta was born with a heart defect in 2011. She came home from the hospital with us and despite my bringing her back to the doctor and/or hospital many, many times, over her first few weeks of life, all of the doctors that we saw assured us that she was perfectly healthy (and I was maybe a little off my rocker) and sent us home. We celebrated Christmas with family that year, but it was hard, because though everyone was excited to meet her for the first time, my husband Chris and I felt strongly that there was something not right.

For 3 and 1/2 weeks we did this. Back and forth to the doctor--pat on the head, comments of how it must be our first baby (try 4th.) 

Until she was in total heart failure and had to be air lifted across the state for emergency open heart surgery.
We left that night and followed the helicopter to New Orleans where we stayed with Britta for over a month--leaving our 3 other children with relatives. It was an awful, awful experience that I wouldn't wish on anyone. The things we saw our own child--our newborn go through, we still have nightmares about. 
But the one good thing that it brought Chris and I--and our families is the gift of perspective.

Overnight, we went from having 4 kids at home and celebrating the holidays, 
to sleeping in the Cardiac ICU for weeks, but

How could I let little things bother me when I have this living, breathing miracle with me?
 How could I waste a day feeling sad for myself when she fought so hard to live? 

I remember in the early days once she was home from the hospital, I thought, "I wonder if I'll ever have a day where I don't think about what she's been through." You know, just a normal day, without thinking of the surgery, or the recovery, or any of that. This week is Britta's 2nd birthday, and I'll be honest, I haven't had a single day yet that I don't pause for at least a moment and think of how lucky we are.

At Christmastime, it'd be easy to reflect on how sick she was that first Christmas--before we even knew what was wrong with her. It'd be easy to get angry that we missed all of those newborn moments with her while she laid in a hospital bed unconscious for weeks, or at the doctors that failed her. 
But instead of dwelling on that, we've chosen to think of how ridiculously blessed we are that she is here with us now. That we get to spend the holidays with her, because honestly, I can't imagine how we would face Christmas without her. 

It's perspective. And being on the other side of something hard.
I think we all sort of have that same feeling, whether your stuck in the middle of something bad--or riding the wave of something amazing that it will always be that way.
That things won't change.

What does this all have to do with books or writing?

Well, It's been kind of a weird year on that front.

As easy as it is for me to find that perspective in my personal life, it's been harder in my professional.
 It's sometimes hard to grasp how quickly things can change--good or bad.
2012 was a huge year, full of big things and major blessings.
2013...was different.

And I'm sort of embarrassed to admit that I spent a fair amount of time this year feeling sorry for myself.
It's hard to open up and be real, when you feel like people are expecting you to be all smiles, all the time.
And along the way,
I forgot how lucky I am, and became fixated on the things that weren't so perfect.

Things can change overnight...or sometimes they take a little time to work themselves out. 
But they will. 

If you're in a tough place, 2014 may be your year.
Hang in there.
Things can change quickly, and no matter what, they are never, ever as bad as you think.

Perspective reminds you what's important...and what just isn't...

There are a lot of things that I originally felt really terrible about that happened this year, that I am already seeing click into place and am left thinking, "so that was the point of all of that madness," and honestly, though everything isn't roses, that reflective place a pretty rad place to be.

In the meantime, I plan on focusing on the good.
I've figured out who my true friends are.
I know who I can trust.
I've fallen on my face, and climbed back up.
I'm stronger than I thought.

Because there is a lot of it.
New projects that I'm so excited about, they almost make this frowny cat squeal.
Healthy kiddos that give me amazing words of wisdom everyday, like, 
"Pants are sleeves for your legs."--Finn, 3
A husband that makes me cronuts at 10pm while I work. ;) 
A team of people in my corner that I respect, trust and cannot be more thrilled to work with.
And old friends that make everything a little easier, or at least, funnier. :) 

Happy Holidays.
See you in 2014.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A(nother) holiday sale & teaser

There are 1,000,001 ebooks on sale right now, but I've got a few to add to the list as well! 
Well, for starters, why not? Tis the season and all that!
We're gearing up for the release of FRIEND IS A FOUR LETTER WORD--which picks up where the epilogue of Beautiful Things Never Last ends...except for from Shayna's not exactly...

Here's a little snippet:

I pull the curtain back again. Maybe I imagined it. I probably imagined it.There’s no way that he’s standing next to my mom at my engagement party.No.Way.And yet, as I rub my hand down the throwback red velvet drape, I see him. Clinking champagne flutes with Dad. Raising his eyebrow and taking in Quinn a little too long to be appropriate. Talking to my parents like he belongs here. Like he isn’t the reason I fled Georgia in the first place. It’s fine. It is. Running out on my old life, brought me to Carter--and to what is supposed to be a perfect day that I painstakingly prepared for.
Carter catches my eye from across the room and I watch the momentary blip of confusion on his face, the way his brows pull down in the middle. But he shakes it right off and a smile stretches across that gorgeous, trusting face.
“Shay! Come join the party!” he calls.
I want to run away. Again.
Carter catches my eye from across the room and I watch the momentary blip of confusion on his face, the way his brows pull down in the middle. But he shakes it right off and a smile stretches across that gorgeous, trusting face.“Shay! Come join the party!” he calls. I want to run away. Again.

And here's the sale info!
(**My advance apologies to UK and Commonwealth readers--I don't hold the rights to Delicate & Grounding Quinn in those territories, therefore, I cannot change the prices for those titles) 

Upcoming books, answers to FAQ and more random stuff...

It's been a busy, busy year-- I wrote and released SEVEN titles in 2013 (and wrote a couple of others that haven't been released yet) Now that the year is winding down and I'm gearing up for next year's projects, I thought I'd take a minute to answer some very frequently (sometimes angrily) (HA!) asked questions.

This Q&A features tons of spoilers, so, you've been warned. ;) 

Why didn't Cece get her own book in the Lengths Series?

Liz and I never intended for or set out to make the Lengths series "the Rodriguez family series," and in fact, both the first book, Lengths and Ties do not feature a Rodriguez family member as the main character. We wanted to follow the interwoven relationships of the close knit group of friends and family through the community of Silver Strand, not any one single family.

We LOVE Cece, however, when we chose which characters to write next, it was an organic choice of where we felt the series was going and whose story spoke the loudest to us at that time. Yes, we could have easily said, "alright, Cece is next," but we chose them based on which character had a story to bring to the table at that time.

We've had many reader suggestions along the way: Cece, Jason, Cody, Maren's sister, a prequel featuring the parents Rodriguez.... We did the stories that felt truest to us and to the characters we created. :)

Why did the Lengths Series end??

This was a SUPER hard decision to reach. Liz and I have both said we could happily write the Lengths series forever--and that's true. We love the world of Silver Strand, but we also had several other projects: co-written and solo books that we wanted to write in the next couple of years and that would mean pushing the Lengths series to the back burner, and many, many months in between releases. So, ultimately, it felt best to end the series on a good note--where we still felt so happy to be writing in that world, rather than risking upsetting readers that there would be very long delays in between releases, or just throwing books together for the sake of continuing it.

How could you end My Fate for Yours that way?

We get this question A LOT. A lot, a lot. And it usually begins with "I read My Heart for Yours, but I'm still confused as to how you could end My Fate for Yours that way..." Jo and I of course feel you are entitled to feel the way you do, and never want to leave people feel dissatisfied with a book or an ending.

So, let me just explain what My Fate for Yours is not.

It is NOT a romance. Though it may have romantic elements, it is a tragedy. We've tried to be very transparent about that. In fact, this is the opening page of My Fate for Yours:

My Fate for Yours is EAMON'S story, and sad as it may be, if you've read My Heart for Yours, you know that Eamon's story could only end one way. Our goal was to show you the days leading up to that event. 

How could you end Riptides that way??

We get a lot of emails about the "cliffhanger" ending of Riptides. This one sort of stumps me, because I feel like Riptides had a very clear ending. It was, obviously an open ending where there was no stereotypical Happily Ever After, but it ended really the only way we felt it could. (Spoilers) We know Enzo, and he would never be cool with knowingly breaking up a marriage. To have him stick around and fight for Jess would be not be true to his character and felt melodramatic. But he loved her, hard, and the only reasonable thing for him to do would be to step back and clear his head. He ended the book feeling positive about moving forward on his own terms. We hope you'll stick around to see where he lands. :) 

Why didn't Enzo get a full length novel in the Lengths series?

Enzo's story picks up in an entirely new place. To drag it out to show where he goes and what happens there would have made the book very, very, veryyyy long (an entire novels worth of story was still left) and to add additional chapters throughout for the sake of making it a full length novel felt gratuitous. Though, RIPTIDES is 50,000 words, whereas a traditional novella would normally cap out at around 45,000 words. Riptides was a bridge book to show why Enzo left town, and get him to where he needed to be where we pick up in Almost Lover. If we would have solely written Almost Lover and not fully explained Enzo's pain or how he ended up in his new place, it wouldn't have felt right.

When will Almost Lover be out?

Enzo's story isn't over! You'll see him again in a spin-off series to the Lengths series! The first book is Enzo's book titled ALMOST LOVER and the first chapter is in the back of RIPTIDES. Liz and I are shooting to have Almost Lover out mid-June or July.

When will Friend is a Four Letter Word be out?

Friend is a Four Letter Word is the fourth book in the companion series that includes Delicate, Grounding Quinn, Beautiful Things Never Last and now this book: which is Shayna and Carter's story. You'll see Syd, Grant, Quinn and Ben and a few new faces! Expected release date is January 15, 2014! Will let you know if that date should change, but be looking for the cover reveal in the next month! :)

Is that really the end of the Lengths series?

We don't want to ever say never, but for now, and for the foreseeable future, yes, DRIFT is the final book in the Lengths series.

Will we ever read more about Tobin & Delia?

Jolene and I do have a novella that picks up immediately after the ending of My Heart for Yours near completion, however, due to other deadlines and other releases planned, we aren't sure when we will release it. Will keep you updated!

When will Rachel get her own book in the Crawford series (My Fate/Heart for Yours)?

Rachel's book is titled My Love for Yours and basically has the same answer as above. It is very near completion, and full of familiar faces, but we aren't sure how to work in the release with all of our other books coming out in the next year, but will update soon!

What are you working on in 2014?

So. Many. Things. Not all of them I can talk about right now. I'll be vague, though!

1) A NA co-written series with Liz Reinhardt which we have subbed to our agent and are crossing our fingers she loves it. :)
2) A YA co-written series with Liz Reinhardt that will also go to agent and hope she loves it. ;)
3) A sweet YA on my own
4) A gritty YA on my own
5) Friend is a Four Letter Word
6) Almost Lover
7) Crawford books
8) I'm sure other things I haven't even dreamed up yet. ;)

How the heck do you co-write?

This is a tough one because it's different with each person I've written with, and with Liz, it's different every time!  When we wrote Lengths, we did chapter-by-chapter. We split up the characters: she wrote one, I wrote the other and would write a chapter and send it over for the other to add the next chapter. We haven't really done that since, though. (And this is how Jolene and I write together) We move all over the document, writing what we want then the other person can come in and flesh it out, or change it, or move it around and add on to it somewhere else. The documents feel like living, breathing things because they are always growing and changing somehow. Sometimes we just add a single snippet of dialogue to a chapter and the other comes in and figures out how that chapter should unfold based solely off that piece of dialogue. It's really a huge learning experience. I know I've grown as a writer from working with Jolene and Liz and it's also a lesson in giving up my control freaky nature. ;) Here's a few posts we've done on co-writing: HERE, HERE and HERE.

As always, if you have any questions, email me, comment here or find me on Facebook and I'll add them to the list. :)


Monday, December 2, 2013

DIRTY LONDON Cover Reveal!

So pumped to share the cover and blurb for the darling Kelley York's  (Hushed, Made of Stars, Suicide Watch) upcoming release, DIRTY LONDON!!

All London Noble wanted out of her senior year of high school was anonymity. The complete opposite of Jasmine, her emotionally unstable baby sister, London has worked hard to stay out of the spotlight.
Then she discovers that Wade, one of the most popular guys in school, is gay like her and their new-found closeness based around their shared secret has half the student body convinced they're hooking up...and a lot of girls aren't happy about it. Now she's been dubbed "Dirty London." Rumors are flying about her inability to keep her clothes on, and London is pretty sure she's developing a crush on the one girl who sees through it all. 
If she could admit why stealing boyfriends is the last thing on her mind—not to mention find out what's going on with Jasmine and her rapidly disappearing psych medications—her life would be a much brighter place. But if her and Wade's truth gets out, and if she doesn't find a way to help her sister, London faces losing a lot more than her obscurity.

And the GORGEOUS cover:


You can find Kelley on Facebook, Twitter, and add Dirty London to your TBR HERE